Commercial Solar Maintenance

Why choose Solar Thermal UK?

Solar Thermal UK is the most reliable and experienced solar thermal maintenance contractors in the UK.

Some of our happy customers include:

  • The Ministry of Defence
  • The National Trust
  • Southern Electric
  • East Cambridge County Council
  • St Albans District Council
  • The Guinness Housing Association
  • Hexagon Housing Association
  • Granta Housing Society
  • Lusso Homes
  • Peacock Design & Build
  • Glenbreck Developments
  • GM Developments
  • Kamac Construction
  • APH Builders
  • Blacknight Construction
  • Miles Build & Construction

Unrivalled Experience With Commercial Solar Water Heating

  • Our work is finished to a high technical standard and we are competent working with solar thermal heating for hot water, pool heating and space heating systems.
  • We can carry out all remedial works to solar flat plates, vacuum tubes (direct and heat pipes), parabolic reflectors, pressurised systems, drain back and freeze tolerant collectors and solar panels.
  • We are familiar with various roof installation proceedures, in-roof, on-roof, flat roof, A-frame, varying roof tile panel mounting techniques.
  • Any heat store configuration is no problem such as direct and indirect cylinders, twin coil and triple coil cylinders, sling tanks, pre-heat systems and thermal stores through to buffer tanks and calorifiers.
  • We have the complete understanding of advanced control systems and system logic of operation on solar systems for underfloor heating, connection to biomass (pellet/log/chip) boiler stores and heat pumps.
  • We can explain the workings of highly complex solar thermal hot water systems such as multiple arrays, pipework design, sizing for expansion vessels, sizing for pre-cooler vessels, multiple buffer tanks & solar swimming heating pool connections, calorifiers, heat metering and solar for multi-family dwellings and hotels.
  • We cover system design considerations, schematics and cutting edge industry software simulations, current regulations and MCS solar standards.
  • We can cover destrat pumps, legionella cycles and potential hazards and safety issues when installing solar water heating systems and putting them to work.
  • Our comprehensive maintenance service covers, maintenance and fault finding on new and older systems of any size.