Smart Energy Solar Water Heating

Smart Energy UK was one of the biggest solar panel installers in the UK. They went bankrupt many years ago but their solar thermal system are still in operation and we have maintained many Smart Energy Solar Hot Water Systems.

Smart Energy Solar Component List

  • AMK Solac Vacuum Tube Panels
  • Steca Solar Controller
  • GreenOneTec Pump Unit
  • Wilo Circulating Pump
  • WaterWays Stainless Steel Pipework
  • Gledhill Sunspeed 2 Vented Cylinder
  • Spirovent
  • Tyfocor LS

A Solar Water Heating System works like this…

An electronic solar heating controller constantly compares the temperature of the solar collectors (usually located on the roof of the building) against the temperature of the water in the bottom of the solar hot water cylinder. Whenever the solar collectors are hotter than the temperature in the bottom of the solar cylinder, the solar controller switches on the solar systems circulating pump. A solar grade anti-freeze is then circulated through the solar collectors, moving the heat to the solar cylinder’s heat exchanger, heating the water inside the solar cylinder in a similar way to a central heating boiler.

Up to 95% Solar Hot Water coverage from May to October

Our clients have informed us that the solar heating systems we have installed will usually heat all of their daily water consumption from May to October. Outside of these months they still get a satisfying amount of heat from the solar system on clear and cloudy days. You should expect, on average 90% to 100% in the summer, 50% to 60% during the spring and autumn and 25% to 35% in the winter.

Correct sizing is essential for solar

Size of solar collector area and solar cylinder depends on how many people you will need to supply. In a domestic situation if you want 70% of your hot water supplied by solar expect the following sizes for flat plate systems.

  • 4m2 collector and a 200 litre cylinder for 1-2 people
  • 5m2 collector and a 300 litre cylinder for 2-4 people
  • 7.5m2 collector and a 400 litre cylinder for 3-5 people
  • 7.5m2 collector and a 500 litre cylinder for 4-5 people
  • 10m2 collector and a 500 litre cylinder for 5-7 people
  • 12.5m2 collector and a 750 litre cylinder for 8-12 people
  • 15m2 collector and a 1000 litre cylinder for 12-20 people
Vacuum Tube solar collector area will be slightly smaller, cylinder capacity would remain the same. It is always best to install the largest system possible because the solar will supply you with more energy. If your going to invest in solar hot water you should do it right in the first place and get the correct sized system installed.