Domestic Solar Panel Installation in Hampshire, Sussex, our Home Location of Surrey and all London Areas

None of us have been immune to the constant rise in energy prices over the past few years, so renewable energies have become more attractive to local homeowners in their bid to fight costs. Domestic solar panel installations allow you to harness the natural power of the sun and generate your own source of hot water. Installed solar panels cause minimal disruption when running and because they require no fuel, operational costs remain low.

Solar Thermal UK Ltd is a solar panel installation specialist for property owners in the following areas:

Hampshire | Surrey | Sussex | South London | West London

We also take on high-value domestic projects on a nationwide scale.

Increased demand has seen the cost of residential solar panels fall in recent times and they are now a better investment than at any other time in the past. Importantly, there are minimal maintenance costs associated with the use of solar panels, no added fuel expenses, and you can even earn payments for exported energy under the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG).

The Complete Domestic Solar Panel Installation Service

Cost for a domestic solar panel installation will vary based on a property’s size and the type of product you express an interest in. Solar Thermal UK Ltd will always supply and fit solar panels of a superior quality backed by some of the best guarantees available in our sector. We have grown relationships with market-leading suppliers to offer you the industry’s most competitive rates.

Installation times are surprisingly short, and it is often possible for us to get the job done, and to have your home producing hot water through solar panels, in just one day. Again, please be aware that timescales can vary.

Solar Thermal UK Ltd assigns an experienced team of solar heating engineers to your project and a site manager who will be your dedicated point of contact. All personnel have experience in working at height. Together, the team we dispatch will complete the solar panel installation externally then mount (and configure) the invertor before finishing the rest of the project.

On completion of the installation, our engineers provide a full walkthrough of the job so that you understand how everything works.

The Benefits

Everybody will be at least a little aware about climate change. Scientists say that we need to change our habits now to help protect the planet. With a solar panel installation, you can make the switch to renewable energy, cut back on fossil fuels and break even on fitting costs within 5 to 7 years.

Energy Storage

Support your domestic solar panel installation with vacuum tubes to further benefit your leverage. Using the energy you produce gives you access to cheaper, cleaner hot water. Many of our customers generate as much as 60% of their annual hot water supply by using solar hot water systems.

Minimal Maintenance

You will only need planning permission for solar panels if your home has a flat roof or if you own a listed building (or one in a conservation area). Installed, our systems need very little ongoing maintenance apart from scheduled checks, and panels and collectors can deliver 25 to 30 years of performance.

Our reputation in Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex, South London, West London and across the UK has been built on domestic solar panel installations that not only put our customers and clients in control of their hot water usage, but which also help them to promote sustainability within a home setting. Together, we are setting exciting new standards that will go on to protect the planet for our generations to follow. We genuinely can’t think of a more worthwhile pursuit.

We continue to grow our reputation in the Home Counties and the capital by being a forward-thinking company that puts the environment first.

You can also use us for domestic solar panel maintenance.

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