Solar Panel Maintenance in Surrey | Maintaining Solar Water Heating Systems

Solar Thermal UK Ltd has domestic and commercial solar heating engineers covering all locations in Surrey. After using us for a solar panel installation, there is a tendency amongst end users to ignore maintenance because thermal hot water systems require little in terms of ongoing care. Domestic solar panel maintenance and commercial solar maintenance should still be high on your agenda. When solar water heating systems receive the appropriate attention, they offer more rounded, trouble-free performance.

Our company maintains domestic and commercial solar installations on an annual basis and, if we encounter issues, we also take on solar hot water repairs. If you have used us for an installation in the past, or even if you have a system fitted by another company in Surrey, we can still step in to help.

Here, we take a closer look at what solar panel maintenance involves.

Maintaining Thermal Hot Water Systems

Domestic and commercial solar installations harness free energy from the sun to create hot water. Solar water heating systems in Surrey reduce outgoing utility costs and need little by way of maintenance from our domestic and commercial solar heating engineers. Some solar panel installations have self-cleaning glass to reduce maintenance further, but annual servicing is still an important consideration that helps to keep systems running to full efficiency.

Ignore servicing and maintenance, and you can expect to pay much more for solar hot water repairs over the installation’s lifespan.

Domestic and commercial solar maintenance includes the following:

  • Inspection of the collectors to assess fitting and condition of critical components such as the glass, connections and sensor
  • Inspection of solar panel installation pipework to assess the operation of solar pressure relief valves and a system’s expansion vessel

Domestic and commercial solar heating engineers ensure that collectors are securely fixed and retightened, assess their condition, make sure the glazing is undamaged, clean the glass. Inspect pipe connections for leaks, replace damaged insulation on exposed pipes, and securely fit collector sensors.

They also inspect the pipework on solar water heating systems for leaks and resolve any found, test pressure reducing valves (PRV) by briefly rotating the plastic cap, check pipe insulation and replace damaged sections if needed.

Expansion vessel pressure checks in Surrey include:

  • Closing the isolation valve on the expansion vessel connection
  • Opening small drain cocks on connectors and draining small amounts of solar fluid into a clean container for testing
  • Checking air charge in the vessel
  • Adjusting or re-pressurising the vessel as needed to achieve correct pressure (additional solar fluid may be required)

Fluid Testing and Restarting

Domestic and commercial solar maintenance, as discussed above, includes a test of the expansion vessel pressure where we extract fluid and check the antifreeze and protection levels using a refractometer. Checks on domestic and commercial solar installations in Surrey also factor in the acidity of the pH using indicator strips. In the event that acidity in thermal hot water systems isn’t suitable, our engineers will then go on to replace the fluid.

After completing the fluid test and completing the service to manufacturer guidelines, we restart solar water heating systems and put them back into operation. You should only use professional domestic and commercial solar heating engineers to service and maintain your system.

Our company has 25 years of experience in solar panel maintenance and in solar hot water repairs, so we already have the trust of customers in Surrey and do everything we can to maintain our high standards of workmanship. Protect your investment and the future sustainability of your home or business today by calling Solar Thermal UK Ltd and booking in for an annual service.

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