Domestic Solar Panel Maintenance in South London, West London and the Hampshire, Surrey and Sussex Areas

If you have invested into solar panels as a homeowner, it makes sense for you to book in for solar panel maintenance and to keep your installation in prime operational condition. Solar Thermal UK Ltd is a solar panel installation specialist with 25 years of previous experience and, as one of the most trusted renewable energy companies in the region, we owe much of our success to the hardworking approach of our time-served solar heating engineers.

If you would like to benefit from solar panel maintenance, irrespective of who performed the initial installation, we are here to help.

Areas covered by Solar Thermal UK Ltd include:

Hampshire | Surrey | Sussex | South London | West London

To keep solar panels in the best possible condition, we advise a service every 12 months. In addition to keeping your domestic installation running at peak performance levels, we can use inspections to identify any drops in hot water generation for households. Solar panels self-clean through rainfall but the local conditions, especially where trees or bird populations are present, could leave your installation in need of cleaning as well as an annual service.

We can provide a full health check of your panels or, if you suspect a fault, a call to our company gives you access to our professional repair service.

Domestic Solar Panel Maintenance

When making an enquiry about domestic solar panel maintenance, it helps if you let us know the make of the system, the tubes used, how many panels you have fitted, their location and the overall size of the installation.

Annual maintenance and servicing include:

  • A visual check of your panels and system, including the hardware and the tubes, and identifying instances of insurable damage
  • A maintenance check of your solar panels to establish cleanliness and condition using visual checks or drone technology
  • Complete installation test and component inspection, and the full testing of solar panels, tubes and all connected parts
  • Advice on your panel cleaning needs, a full written quotation for extra work and a detailed service report on the system’s status

We also offer commercial installation and commercial maintenance services.

Caring for Solar Panels

One of the simplest ways to assess the condition and performance of a solar panel installation is to take a generation reading. If the reading matches the estimated output in your product handbook, it indicates that everything is working as it should be. Note that if the panels are safely accessible, you can check for moss or lichen accumulation. If solar panels aren’t clean, it reduces power output, and you should then book in for solar panel maintenance.

Because they have few moving parts, solar panels offer excellent reliability, but annual maintenance will identify potential issues at the earliest stage.

Potential problems can include:

  • The system shutting down in cloudy or wet weather conditions
  • Dirt in the panel surfaces reducing overall efficiency
  • Birds setting up nests underneath your solar panels
  • Cracks or damage to your solar panel installation
  • Displayed fault codes from the system’s invertor
  • Incorrect solar panel monitoring and metering performance
  • Cables for your installed thermal system chewed by local wildlife

Issues are not commonplace, but it is still important to book in for a check so that we can source issues and deal with them before something worsens. Always use a dependable solar panel maintenance company and arrange for an engineer to visit if a system hasn’t had a service in the past two years.

Solar Thermal UK Ltd supports homeowners in Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex, South London, West London and across the UK, undertaking maintenance and repair work to exacting standards in line with manufacturer specifications. If we find that a panel is beyond economical repair, our engineers can remove it and offer you a full replacement service at a fair and competitive price.

Call 07462 019718 for domestic solar panel maintenance in Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex, South London and West London.